about links

This tool stores your links/bookmarks hierarchically on the cloud. It uses the exact same web interface on every browser. With browser extensions for Chrome, Firefox and Edge, all of your links are available on every browser tab.

Each user gets its own private space where the links are stored. I mostly created this for myself, but anyone is welcome to use it.

why links ?

As a web developer supporting several web applications on several user environments, having the same link list and interface on every browser is really important.

login options

You can log into links with your google account, or if you prefer, you can create an account with any email address.

link availability

Items are stored hierarchically and presented this way on the interface. When an item is assigned a URL, it is presented as a regular link on any web page. You can click it to go to that page, middle click it to go to the page on a new tab or left click it to see the regular left click options for a link such as copy address.

Each word entered on the search box is used to match links on the link title or the link URL, so your searches are more flexible. Additionally, each search word is used to match items in the hierarchy. For example, entering "personal video" on the search box will match the following:

  • Links with a title containing "personal" and "video", such as "my personal video" or "video of known personalities".

  • Similarly, links that match "personal" and "video", in either the title or the target URL, such as one with title "Personal bucket" that targets "https://video.com".

  • Following the same matching pattern for title and URL, the match is hierarchical too, so you would be able to find a link saved in the "Personal" folder with title "Cloud storage" that targets "https://awesomevideo.com".